Stretching is an important part of physical activity, and it provides numerous benefits for your body.

The many benefits of stretching include:

– Improved flexibility
– Enhanced physical performance
– Reduced risk of injuries
– Increased range of motion in joints
– Improved muscle blood flow
– Improved muscle strength and flexibility
– Improved coordination and balance
– Reduced muscle tension and soreness
– Enhanced relaxation and stress relief
– Improved posture
– Improved ability to perform daily activities with ease.

Total Body Stretch

Are you looking to become more flexible and mobile? Do you need assistance with recovery due to an active life style? Our Total Body Stretch service has got you covered! With the assistance of our skilled massage therapists, you’ll be guided through a series of yoga poses, stretches, and breathing exercises that will revitalize your blood flow and improve your flexibility. Plus, you’ll receive a deeper stretch than you could achieve on your own! All stretch services are completed while fully clothed (dress comfy!), and in a private treatment room. You may also combine Total Body Stretch with a massage for ultimate relaxation! 

Targeted Stretch

Short on time? Try our targeted 30-minute stretch. Our highly trained massage therapists will actively guide you through deep breathing, Thai, Tui Na yoga positions, and PNF stretching on either your upper or lower body. This service can be booked before (or after) a massage, or on its own. Please wear comfortable clothing, as this service is always completed fully clothed on and off a massage table within one of our private treatment rooms.