Face and Body Waxing Menu

Waxing and tinting services are preformed by licensed cosmetologist and estheticians. We use both hard or soft wax where applicable. Please make sure that there is 2-3 weeks of approximate growth (1/4in – 1/2in). This is required for face and body waxing services.

Please call (530)523-3826 if you have any questions, or would like to book waxing services.

  • Eyebrows $30
  • Lip $20
  • Cheeks $20
  • Chin $20
  • Full Face $70

    this service includes lip, chin , cheeks & brows

  • Ears or Nose $20
  • Side Burns $20
  • Underarms $35
  • Half Arms $50

    includes the upper arm, from shoulder to elbow

  • Full Arms $60
  • Lower Leg $55

    includes area from the knee to the ankle

  • Upper Leg $80+

    includes the area from the underwear line to the knee

  • Back $85

    includes the full back, shoulders to waist line

  • Chest $50


Treat yourself to something relaxing, your deserve it.